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Why is a Mobile Home a Good Choice for the Military

If you think about it, the answer to this is pretty simple. Imagine being on the move with your job but still going to your house and sleeping in your bed every single night. Wouldn’t that be a dream come true? As a military man, as harsh as it sometimes might seem, you are not that limited with your living space.

What are mobile homes

Mobile homes or houses are exactly what the name applies. They are movable accommodations that you can drive around and when parked in the right places, you can simply stay there and have your home with you at all times.

Is it legal

It is completely legal to own a mobile home and being in the military. A lot of people do it because they are fed up with having roommates and having to share everything. Of course you have to ask permission for such accommodation and you have to pay for everything yourself. So if you don’t have the mobile house already and if you don’t have a big amount of money on the side, you will have to wait for the time you are able to afford this kind of luxury.

What about your family

Not only is a mobile house a good choice for someone in the military because they can have a piece of mind and can definitely have more of your own things, more space and a little bit more luxurious place. You can also have your family with you. You have to be parked on the right spot and again you have to have permission. You can’t have your mobile home parked in the barracks if you want some family members to tag along.

But it does come useful if you are on the road a lot and if they move you around a lot. You can bring your family to certain destinations so that you don’t have to live without them for a couple of years.

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How Does a Bedroom of a Soldier Look Like

Ever wondered how soldiers live? Is it the same as they portray it in the movies? Do they have a luxury room? Must they have roommates and with whom do they share their bathroom?

Nothing to dream about

Let me tell you that a soldier’s room is no dream room. A lot of times you are on the move and in many cases the accommodation isn’t exactly what you would wish for.

If you get a rescue mission in the mountains, you could live in a tent for days, sometimes weeks. Mix that with the wind and the snow or rain and you have yourself a very dangerous environment.

A two star hotel

If you are on the training grounds and not sent somewhere you will usually find your accommodation in the military barracks. If you want to get a better picture a two star hotel would do the trick. The base has a lot of rooms for individuals or most of the times you are grouped with someone else. The bathroom is joined with more rooms and the showers are limited.

The beds don’t have the best mattress those stores advertise and usually you have the bed and the locker room in the same space.

No fancy furniture

In the barracks something is usually broken. It is highly unusual to be replaced with a totally new item and the hygiene is sometimes questionable. The beds have white and simple sheets on them and there are no tables, so if you don’t eat in the dining space, your bed and you holding the plate would be your dining room.

Do it yourself

Don’t you think that anything in your room is going to be done on its own. You have to change your sheets, you have to wash your clothes and dry them in any imaginable way as you can. You have to watch out for your stuff though, somebody might just think that the identical uniform is theirs.

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