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Top Pros and Cons of Joining the Military

Every job out there has its pros and cons. And some might have only good experience; others might have only bad experience. There is no recipe for having a blast in your work environment all the times. Because I want to show the military as real as I can, I have decided to do a list of pros and cons of joining this field.


Free education

We all know the expenses the US school system brings and a lot of students simply don’t have the money for it. If you join the military, you get a free education and a lot of students decide to join just because of the expenses that go away if you enroll in the military.

The money is not bad

Besides having a paid vacation every year, military workers also get their paycheck in time every time. Of course you can’t expect many zeros on your check, because if the job would be so well paid, a lot more people would join. Still the military has it’s positive sides like if you work hard the government will pay for your accommodation and they will also cover some expenses, which is always a good money saver.


The age doesn’t matter

One of the cons is that in military it doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 50. Both of the ages can be in the same rank and the hardest pill to swallow is when someone younger than you is your commander. Trust me, it isn’t pretty when someone is telling you what to do and is more qualified and you feel as if you are stuck in the same place forever.

Always at your feet

If you join the military you have to know that in some ways you belong to the government. Which means that they monitor your every move and in simple words: you become a child again. You have to ask permission for everything and one untold step might cost you more than you can imagine.

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