About the Blog

My name is Henry Williams and I have created this blog to educate the readers about the military.

Joining the military myself 8 years ago I went from being a cadet to a commander. On my journeys with the US navy I have come to realize that people don’t know much about the military.

They know that serving our country is an honor and that unlike 100 years ago, now have a choice to join the military and choose it as our carrier.

It’s kind of sad that people don’t even know the distinction between different military ranks and they still think we fight as we did in the Second World War.

Military has progressed so much since then and I would like to show that to the world through my blog.

In some posts I will get in some details and will tell you more specific stuff, in some I will give you a general idea of what the military really is. The point is that military nowadays isn’t appreciated enough and it’s time to erase the picture that we are sitting around, waiting for a war.

Joining the military means serving your country and helping people and other countries in the time of need. If you would like to do the same, make sure you check out my Contact and Join Us page.

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